Familia supports projects that combine technology and social impact


Credo has launched its own non-profit organization that contributes to the creation of a better world by investing in education, entrepreneurship, environment, health, and science and technology.

Once a year, as a team, we choose an issue we want to work on. This can be a sector, a specific problem or simply a question of “why do we do things this way?”. We give ourselves an entire year to better understand the issue and we bring people together to discuss and ideate. These initiatives allow us to have a concrete impact on issues affecting our community while growing as a team. Our projects push us to test, iterate, and learn. The lessons learned in the field then inform our client work. We have accumulated a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and networks that we use to advise and support our clients' projects.


We mobilize collective intelligence to reflect on important social issues


Our 2017 project was dedicated to rethinking how school on can better equip today’s youth to face tomorrow’s challenges.


In collaboration with a group of 10 practitioners working in education in Quebec, we identified 4 challenge areas where we needed to innovate now. They were:  

  • Develop a platform that allows each student and those involved in their educational development to better communicate and track student progress.

  • Build a tool that promotes and facilitates efficient auto-evaluation and personal development methods for teachers.

  • Create a physical environment conducive to alternative learning types and representative of the school of the future.

  • Propose a nutritional menu, based on local and seasonal products that promotes a greater awareness of healthy dietary habits, for $1.5 per student.

The initiative brought together experts, teachers, first-timers and seasoned hackathoners. The result? A platform to amplify information on innovation in education.

Since then, we have also published two studies and continue to be involved in public debates in education : Des exemples pour l’école québécoise and Ils réinventent l’école.