We help organizations reframe complex problems and think in systems to make bold decisions and create breakthrough solutions.


We align our activities with our impact goals.


Advisory services


Impact improvement and measurement
Equip organizations to fully understand their role as agents of change and the strategies to leverage their ressources (capital, talent, efforts) towards a bold, systemic and measurable social impact.

Capacity-building for purpose-driven organizations
Strengthen the capacity of social change actors to multiply their social impact.

Collective initiatives

Promote and facilitate the collaboration of different actors to solve complex issues, through the principles of collective and systemic impact.

Thought leadership

Raise awareness, create actionable knowledge and influence policies and practices, with the aim of orienting models, practices and mentalities towards a greater social impact.


The essence of how we work


We've learned that these commitments are key.

  • Think in systems, holistically, to uncover the best levers for collective impact,
  • Anchor projects on trusted data and real societal needs, rather than a solution, no matter how great the solution is,
  • Engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue to build a deep understanding of social issues,
  • Stay at the leading edge of emerging ideas in social innovation, corporate sustainability, philanthropy, collective impact and human-centered design thinking,
  • Adapt best-practice frameworks to organizational contexts and local realities,
  • Align the organizations’ social, environmental and financial imperatives towards creating the most value for society,
  • Challenge our clients and partners to maximize and integrate social impact in their core DNA . 

Credo is anchored in the Canadian startup community, notably through the publication of the first Montreal Startup Ecosystem Report, as well as its management of the Startup Open House event, which brings together 500 of Canada’s main startups, and of its coworking space and lab, La Gare. Credo takes advantage of its network and connection to the community to propel its client mandates. This helps us mobilize collective intelligence to reflect on important social issues.

The startup culture, based on agility, innovation, creativity and technology, is part of Credo’s DNA
— Christian Belair, CEO and cofounder

Here's our toolkit


To apply this approach to our client's specific challenges and opportunities, we select and customize a combination of tools and frameworks. Here are some examples:


Intelligence & Impact Measurement


  • international best practices reviews,

  • mappings of issues, actors, solutions, 

  • studies on emerging trends and their societal implications, 

  • market research and feasibility studies;

Impact Measurement

  • theory of change,

  • mapping of impacts on stakeholders,

  • design of social and environmental KPIs and impact indicators,

  • data collection methodologies, 

  • social return on investment (SROI),

  • social cost-benefit analysis;


  • organisational and alignment diagnosis, 

  • shared value opportunity matrix,

  • materiality analysis (ESG, in conformity with international standards), 

  • analysis of corporate social responsibility risks and opportunities;

Stakeholder Engagement & Collective Impact

  • stakeholder and community mobilization,
  • design thinking for social impact,
  • collective impact and strategic cross-sector partnerships,
  • dialogue facilitation;

Strategy & Innovation

  • business model innovation for sustainability and social change,
  • shared value strategy,
  • innovation for catalytic philanthropy,
  • responsible and inclusive business practices,
  • ideation and facilitation for mission alignment,
  • strategies for maximizing social impact;

Project conception and implementation

  • program creation,
  • project management,
  • implementation and change management. 

Some organizations we have worked with to improve their social impact: